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Reflection and Music

Tuesday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Happy Tuesday Pixies, 

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen!  




-Read the information sheet called ‘All About Beaches.’ You can find this non-fiction piece in resources. In you get stuck with any unfamiliar words or do not understand the meaning of any words, ask someone to help you. 

-Once you have read the information see if you can have a go at answering the questions. 

-Read your own book for at least 10 minutes today, either during the day or just before bedtime. 



-Have a look at your story map form the previous day and see if you can retell the story out loud. 

-What happened next? If you can’t remember, use the link from the previous day to listen to the story again. Have you included everything to the point you got up to?

-Continue to work on your story map, trying to get to the end of the story. 

-Check your story map and make sure that you have included all of the different events. Once you have finished, write some sentences /key words next to each event. What is happening at each point? How was the Snail feeling at different points? Where did the Snail and Whale go?



-Recap the graphemes ‘wh’ and ‘ph.’ Can you read your words that you wrote or painted yesterday?

-Today we are thinking about the grapheme ‘ew.’ Can you say this sound and can you write this sound? Try writing this sound in the air.

-Use the following link to help you say the sound correctly out loud.

-Can you read the following words: blew, screw, nephew, threw, stew, grew, flew, drew, brew, few? Do you know what each of these words mean? Can you think of any of your own words that contain this sound?



-Recap ordering numbers to 100 by playing the ordering caterpillar game using the following link. When playing the game choose ordering, 1-100.

-Complete the ordering of numbers worksheet found in resources. 

-Ask someone in your house to shout out any two numbers to 100 and you shout back the one that is smallest. You could the swap around and say which number is the biggest. 



-Read the story of the Good Samaritan from the Gospel of Luke, you will find the story in resources. How was the Good Samaritan a good neighbour?

-Watch the video clip using the following the link to watch the story of the Good Samaritan.

-Did anything surprise you in the story?

-Draw or paint some pictures showing what happened in the story.

-You can also find a Good Samaritan colouring sheet in the resources.



Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x