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Tuesday: Good Morning Unicornsheart


This quote is beautiful! It really got me thinking. Reflect on all the diverse cultures we have here at Stella Maris?How do we celebrate them? 



Arithmetic: Choose an activity from the arithmetic activities tab.


Lesson 2: Find pairs of values. Please follow the link to the video for today’s lesson:

I have attached the Home learning video links for the week below and please find the worksheet for today’s lesson attached with the documents below.



How did you get on with your poem? If it is not finished then spend some time completing it today too. Maybe you could perform your poem to someone at home? Alternatively, record yourself reading your poem and send it into school for us to see and hear. Look back at yesterday’s clip on performing poetry.



Spend some time at home reading a book of your own choice – find somewhere quiet to read. If you can, ask to read to an adult at home who ask you questions about the text.



August Pullman lives in the United States of America – Can you remember where? I have saved a map of North America for you in the documents below. Can you now try to do the following tasks?

  • Find and label the countries in North America.
  • Which oceans surround North America?


The United States of America is in the continent of North America – What do you know about the USA. How many states are there? What does their flag look like? Use an atlas and/or the internet to research the USA. Look into where the Pullman family are from – you may need to re-read the book for this information.  I have attached in the documents below some work on the different states too which you can have a go at.


Hope you all have a lovely day. xx