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Good Morning

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. I hope you received your invites via the app to this weeks Zoom get together yesterday. If you didn't then please email me or ring the school and we will get it to you.



Reflect on what God has done for. When do you feel God has helped shape your life.



Guided Reading - Yesterday I set you 5 questions about our current book, The Pirate Cruncher. Today I would like you to create some questions to share with everyone on our Zoom get together on Thursday.

Drama- We mind mapped yesterday what we would like our pirates to look like in our wanted posters. Today we need to think about what they have done to become a wanted criminal. Your task is to act out things that pirates could and would have do. Then using your drama create a list of verbs for what your pirate may have done. Challenge for you, can you add adverbs to some of your verbs.



Arithmetic - Practice your times tables using times tables rockstars.

Investigations - Today we are continuing from yesterdays learning where we practiced and explored adding and subtracting one from a 2 digit number. Today we are exploring adding and subtracting 10s from a 2 digit number. The video is here and the tasks are below.


Computing - Below there is a map of a desert island. You have landed at Smugglers Bay and have to explore these different places. Create a route around the map to all the places. The places in order are:

Skull rock

Doom volcano

The forest of no return

Cannibal village

Horror Mountain

Try to use the words North, South, East and West in your route. You may record something similar to:

Smugglers Bay to Skull rock is 3 squares South and 1 square East.


Topic - Every pirate captain had a different flag to show it was them and to show who the ship belonged to. There are some examples below.

I would like you to create your own pirate captain and pirate ship flag.