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Daily Reflection and Music

Tuesday Home Learning – Pixies Class

Hello Pixies, 

Leave footprints of kindness and love wherever you go! 

You are definitely doing this with our 500-mile walk for charity!! The charity we are raising money for is such an important one for our school, it helps so many of our children at Stella Maris.

Every time you go out for a walk, you are spreading kindness and love. Thank you so much!




-Read the tricky words on the word search found in resources out loud. Can you find all the tricky words in the word search?

-Choose a book to read at bedtime for 10 minutes. Are there any tricky words in the book you have chosen?

-Are there any unfamiliar words in your book? If there are, ask someone in your house to help you. 

-Is your book fiction or non-fiction?



-Take some time to finish your front cover for your very own book or to complete the sentences and pictures from the previous day. 

-Look at and read the page where the Snail visits the fiery mountains and golden sands. If you do not have the book at home you can find a copy of the page in the resources. What can you see? Talk about all the things that the Snail will see and experience, using as many describing words as you can. 

-On the next couple of pages of your book write some sentences for each destination that the Snail visits, using the descriptive words that you spoke about in the previous activity. Don’t forget, you can draw some small pictures too.

-We can’t wait to see your little books!



-Recap on the ‘ea’ sound form the previous day.

-Today we are thinking about the grapheme ‘oy’, use the link below to remind yourself how we say this sound.

-Can you say this sound, and can you write this sound?

-Think of some words that contain this sound and write them down. 

-Can you think of some sentences, using the words you have thought of?

-Play the buried treasure game (link below), phase 5, choosing the ‘oy’ sound.



-Can you identify all the numbers on the number line found in the resources? You may want to print this out to help you over the week. Which number comes after 78? Which number come before 43? Which number is bigger, 56 or 21? 

-Today we are thinking about comparing numbers to 100. Use the link below to introduce to the idea of comparing numbers.

-Complete the comparing numbers worksheet in the resources. 



-Read the passage from Isiah 12:4-6 which can be found in the resources. What is this passage telling us? 

-Can you think of all the great things about God? Can you think of all the things that God has created for us? 

-Draw or paint a picture showing all of the wonderful, great things about God. Maybe you could write the name God in the middle of your page and then draw or paint around this. 


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x