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Good Morning

Hi everyone and welcome back to term 6! Our final term as a team of Elves! We are moving our topic forward to Pirates!! I have some great creative learning for us all to take part in and share together. We are also going to  start zoom collaborations this week, hopefully Thursday or Friday, so that we can reconnect with each other and start to learn as a team again. Keep an eye on the school app for further details!! It was also fantastic to talk to many of you over the half term, I will keep ringing and catching up with as many of you as I can.



Build your reflection space if you have taken it down or go to it, reflect on what the word gentle and gentleness means to you.



As we start this term I would like you to think about what makes you, YOU! What makes you a unique and amazing person.What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? What do you work really hard at? These questions make you different to everyone else. I would like you to create some art work to share that celebrates what makes you unique. It can be anything at all! Just let it show you.



Our new topic is based all around this book

Your opening task is to create a pirate of your own to read the story with and to share your learning. Your pirate can be made out of anything. It can be a drawing, a painting, a model, a doll, a costume, a collage etc etc. Be as creative as you want!