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“Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.”

Philippians 4:5



Learning Objective: Uses vocabulary and forms of speech that are increasingly

influenced by their experiences of books.


Watch the story of Stanley’s Stick

Go out and find a selection of sticks –

Choose a stick to be your stick.  What can you turn it into?  A wand?  A telescope?

Write a story about you and your stick.  What can you do with your stick?  What powers does it have?



Challenge children to show you the correct letter formation for each sound that you give by writing it into the trays. Start with graphs (1 letter, 1 sound e.g. s, f, t), move on to digraphs (2 letters, 1 sound e.g. sh, ai, er) and, for an extra challenge, try trigraphs (3 letters, 1 sound e.g. igh, air, ear). 


Children can use their fingers to write in washing up liquid, vegetable oil, paint, sand, rice, flour. 


Challenge: This is also a great, fun way for children of all ages to practise simple spellings – they can ‘write’ into the trays using their fingers, a pencil, the end of a paintbrush or anything that will make a mark.




Learning Objective:  Uses everyday language of measures (size, weight and capacity) when comparing quantities or solving problems.


Sort sticks in length order, straight and curved

Which is the longest?  Shortest?

Ask a grown up some questions about the selection of sticks.


Physical Development

Learning Objective:  Knows the importance of good health and physical exercise, and a healthy diet, and talks about ways to keep healthy and safe.


Remember the importance of daily exercise.  Go for a walk or a run or/and have a look at the following Cosmic Yoga video and enjoy taking part in the session.


Expressive Arts and Design

Learning Objective: Safely uses and explores a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function

Look carefully at your stick and make a line drawing of it using pencils or charcoal.