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Listen to our reflection music (youtube):

While you are listening to the music, think about the people in your life who you appreciate.



Class Book: ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies

Listen from 2mins 22 secs to 3m 43secs


Read aloud and re-read

 Listen to the next four double pages, up to ‘…slowly, slowly shoots of green began to show…’

  • Explore each of the pages in turn and consider the use of alliteration and the play of text and image which add to the meaning in this section of the story. The circular pattern in the roundabout page resembles a seed – do we agree? What symbolism can we deduce from the railway line page? (rows of acorns being planted, etc.).
  • Explore the use of punctuation and the effect it has on the sentences.
  • How does the use of repetition reinforce the action of the girl as she plants the acorns?
  • Write some of your own alliterative lines describing other potential planting locations in the city (or using your local area as a stimulus). If you use your local area you could follow up the activity with some planting and then write about the experiences, or write non-fiction pieces on the life cycles of a variety of plants – considering how the seeds germinate, how plants grow to adult plants and produce seeds, then how they disperse these seeds to continue to continue the cycle.




LO: Add fractions within 1.

Pages 19 and 20, work through examples and look at the mathematical talk section.

Classroom secrets hmk pages. Choose Developing, Expected or Greater Depth level. (see below)


Design Technology- Food And Nutrition

Work your way through the Powerpoint on 'Reared, Caught and Processed' foods.

Complete a copy of the sheet that goes with it.

You will find the information you need throughout the Powerpoint.