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Daily Reflection and Music

Tuesday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Wow Pixies……. You are amazing! 

Check out our fundraising page because we are doing so well. Thank you so much for sharing it with your family, friends and neighbours. Let’s keeping walking and don’t forget to send me a picture of your miles when you do a walk so I can keep everyone posted. 




-Maybe you could take your book out with you today when you go out for your daily walk and when you are getting a little tired, stop and read!

-Read for 10 minutes today, if it is not whilst on your walk then maybe you could do it at bedtime. 



-Read through your work from the previous day, the beginning of your story. 

- Think about what happens next in the story and tell someone. If you need to remind yourself about the story don’t forget it can be found at the beginning of Term five, Monday, resources. 

-Continue to write your story, remembering your full stops, capital letters and adjectives. 

-We can’t wait to read your stories and don’t forget that you can type your story on the computer, or you can write your story.



-Look at the phonics worksheet found in the resources. Can you read the words? Use your sounds to help you read each word.

-When you have read each word, find the picture to match and then draw a line to join them up. 

-Can you use each word in a sentence? You do not need to write the sentence down; you can just tell someone in your house. Have you used the word correctly?



-Think about your work on finding half of a shape yesterday. Today we are going to find half of small amounts. Can you ask someone in your house how to write half? Can you try writing half?

-Find 4 socks and lay them out. Now to find half of 4 you need to share them out into two groups. How many do you have in each group? So, Half of 4 is 2.

-Find 6 stones or 6 sticks. Now find half of 6 by sharing them into 2 groups. How many do you have in each group? So, half of 6 is 3.

-Complete the worksheet called finding half of amounts in the resources. 



-Think about how we show love to others? Well you are showing love to others by helping to raise money for charity, you are helping others by walking!! Take a picture of you out on your walk over this week and email them to the Pixies email. It would be lovely to update the rest of the school on how we are doing. 

-Maybe you could think about taking lots of different pictures over the next four weeks of your walks and use them to create a collage. This will be a reminder you of how and when you helped others.

-Maybe you could send someone a little card or note to remind them that you love them, you are missing them, and that everything is going to be ok. 


Don’t forget you are loved by your Stella Maris Family and we are missing you so much xx


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x