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Awe and wonder

“Take a good look at God’s wonders – they will take your breath away.”

Psalm 66.5



Learning Objective: Uses their phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken sounds. Writes some common irregular words.


 Listen to or read the story of The King of Tiny Things

Or watch Mrs Huotari on the Children/Video Resource Centre part of our website

Write a story about a minibeast using your phonics to help you.  Perhaps you can make a little book and put in your own illustrations?

Don’t forget to send photos to



Learning focus: Silly Sentences


Choose a ‘focus phoneme’ (a sound that you want to focus on). Collect as many words as you can that contain this phoneme. Write each on a square of paper or a sticky note. Have fun moving the different words around to create silly sentences. For example: 


chair, chopped, chimp, chose, chores, cheeky, chatting


A cheeky chimp chose chopping chairs instead of chores and chatting. 


Challenge: Can you substitute new words into your silly sentence? What is the shortest/longest/funniest/silliest sentence you can make? 


Challenge: Try a new phoneme each day. Which phoneme is the easiest/trickiest/silliest? Can you create a sentence where every word contains your focus phoneme?




Learning Objective: Explores the characteristics of everyday objects, 2D and 3D shapes using mathematical language to describe them.


 Revisit sorting and classifying shapes by gathering objects from around the house and putting them into groups explaining why you have chosen to put an object in a particular group.  Does it have straight sides?  Is it curved or circular?  What other shapes can you see in that object?


Expressive Arts and Design

Learning Objective: Sings songs, makes music Sings songs, makes music and dances and experiments with ways of changing them.


Sing some songs about minibeasts – Can you make up a dance to go with them or even make up your own song?