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Daily Reflection and Music

Tuesday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Hello Little Pixie Friends,

All of the work that you are sending in makes us smile lots! As every day goes by, we become a little bit prouder of you and all that you are achieving. 




-Choose a book that you can read for at least ten minutes, either at bedtime or sometime throughout the day. 

-You will find a Superhero Reading reward Chart and stickers in the resources that you may want to print out and complete with your adult. You could display your chart and add a sticker every time you read. 

-If you do not have a printer at home and would like to have a go, please just email and we can leave some at the school office, so when you are out for a walk you can collect one to take home. Enjoy some reading time our Pixie superhero’s!! Can you get to the end of your mission?


-Look at your pictures from the previous day to remind you of the events in the story. 

-Choose your favourite three images that you have created and write a descriptive sentence for each one. You can use the template provided in the resources or you can create your own. Underline your descriptive words that you have chosen to use. 

-Remember to use full stops, capital letters and finger spaces in your sentences. Can you read your sentence back to yourself?



-Have a try of the tricky words on the following game. Choose tricky words and then say the words out loud to see if you got them correct.

-Can you learn to spell these tricky words: People, looked, their, asked, called, could, Mrs and Mr. Be careful with the tricky word their and when to use it! 



-We are continuing to think about weight. Do you have any scales at home? If you do, could you grab some small items and place them on the scales individually. Which item is the heaviest? Which item is the lightest? You do not need to worry about the exact weight of your items.

-Complete the weight worksheets at the bottom of the page. If you cannot print the worksheets out, then just write the answers on some paper. 



-Take some time to think about how important it is to say sorry when we have done something wrong, just like Zacchaeus did. Is it always easy to say sorry? Do you always say sorry?

-Think about ways that you can show love to people. Create a large heart from whatever materials you would like or can find (out of sticks, a painted heart, a heart shape cake etc) and use this as a reminder to be kind, show love and say sorry. You will find some heart examples in the resources. Be as creative as you wish. We would love to see what you create!!



Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x