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Tuesday 31st

Good Morning

Hi everyone again, I hope you are well and keeping safe. Keep your work, pictures and videos coming in, it’s been amazing to look at.



Activity: Sit in a circle or with the people in your house and just be still, calm and quite for a time.



Guided Reading – Enjoy some reading time together after reflection. Have another go at reading in the round or try if you haven’t already. The rules are simple; one person reads a sentence in a book and then passes it on to the next person. Keep passing the book round until it is finished or you have had enough.

Writing – Yesterday we created our good and bad characters for our story. Today we need a setting, a location, a place for this story to take place in. Therefore, your task is to create a setting. Do whatever you would like to make a setting. Build it from Lego, collage it, draw it, mind map it, bullet point it, paint it, junk model it, the possibilities are endless for you.

Phonics – Use your spelling words to create sentences. They don’t need to make sense, in fact the sillier the better! Who can make the silliest sentence? Decorate them to make them look even funnier and sillier.



Arithmetic – At the bottom of the page are some times tables colouring emoji faces. The instructions are at the top of the page.

Challenge – When measuring mass we talk about balance, things being the same in weight. Follow the link below to a game where you must balance out the shapes.


Topic – In India there is a tradition of creating temporary markings on the skin in amazing patterns called Mehndi. It is done on the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms. I have included some pictures below to give you inspiration. Your challenge is to create your own Mehndi patterns. I have included a hand outline but you could draw around your hand to achieve the same result. IF your Mum and Dad are happy to, you may even be able to find a way to do it on your real hands BUT you must talk to them first!!!