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Daily Reflection and Music

Tuesday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Morning Pixies,

How are you? Remember to keep working hard. 

Today could you try and think about something kind that you could do for someone else. It may be helping your grown up at home, reading a story to your brother or sister etc.




-Today make sure you do some bedtime reading for at least 10 minutes. Choose a book that you have not read for a while. 

-Is it fiction or non- fiction? Who is the author of the book? What does the blurb say? What happens in the book?



-Read your rainbow poem from the previous day. Can you read it out loud to a member of your family?

-Are there any changes you could make? Have you spelt all of the words correctly? Are there any more descriptive words that you could include?

-Paint a picture of a beautiful rainbow. Include all of the colours of the rainbow. Do you know all of the colours? Listen to the song to help you learn the colours of the rainbow.



-Continue working through the phase 5 phonics work booklet from the previous day.

-Don’t forget to say your sounds out loud. You will find a list of phonic sounds at the bottom of the page that you need to keep working on. Maybe your grown up could listen to you say each sound. 



-Think about the words we learnt yesterday, height and length. 

-Watch the video clip to show you and help you know how to measure the length of things using a ruler. When using a ruler, remember you must start at 0!!!

-If you have a ruler at home can you measure the length of 6 items. If you don’t then maybe you could your hands to measure the length.

-Complete the measuring worksheet found at the bottom of the page.



-Watch the video clip that tells you about another tax collector called Zacchaeus who also made wrong choices.

-What happens in the story? How is this story similar to the story of Matthew from the previous day? How is the story different to the story of Matthew?

-Create your own Zacchaeus tree (see the example below, in resources) using paint, your arm and your hands. If you do not like painting your hands you can just paint a tree. Can you include lots of blossom on your tree? This tree will help you remember the story.



Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x