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Tuesday: Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

Monkeys can go bald in old age, just like humans.


Today’s lesson is Lesson 2: Compare and Order Fractions. Check out the video and the worksheet activity too.

Remember BBC Bitesize also has some great Maths activities and I believe this week they match the ones set by the White Rose website too. Follow:


English :

Today’s Science task is rather large and will take a while – there is some writing involved too. Take a look.



Spend some time reading your own reading book – at least 30 minutes worth of reading.



Today the focus is on adaption – we are looking at how animals and plants (all living things) adapt or have adapted to suit their environment.

Watch and follow this clip again as a bit of a re-cap for you – if you follow the link there is a mini-quiz at the bottom of the page. (What is adaption?)

Next watch the two clips below – they explain animal adaptions so clearly and are very

Looking at a Camel ‘How animals adapt to their environment’ (BBC Teach) -

This last clip talks more about ‘Animal Adaptions’ (BBC Teach)


For today’s task can you explain how animals such as monkeys, sharks and polar bears have evolved to suit their environments? I have attached a PowerPoint below with three sheets for you to complete or at least to help you structure your work.


Your final task is for you to design an animal / creature which has evolved to suit it’s environment.  Use your knowledge of evolution and adaption to ensure your design of your animal or creature has features which suit it’s environment.  Follow these steps for success:

  1. Decide on an environment – underwater, jungle, desert or space!
  2. Give your animal features that help it to: catch food, help it to move and protect it from predators.

Can you draw your design and give it clear and detailed labels for each feature so I can see how you have ensured your animal is well adapted to its environment?




Can you design a workout for your fellow Unicorns? It could be a circuit type workout, a dance routine or even a yoga session. Design your workout – first of all make sure you can do it too! If you’re happy with it then write down your instructions and send them to me – I can share your workout with everyone. Even better – you may be able to film a session to send to me. Have fun and keep moving Unicorns.


Thinking of you all. Love, Miss Moore. Xxheart

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