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Tuesday 28th

Good Morning

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great at home with your families, everyone at school and here at PottsHQ is sending their love to you.



Pray to God quietly by yourself to say sorry for something you know you should not have done.



Guided Reading - Read through the start of chapter 2 again then have a go at the 5 questions below.

  1. At what time of day did Max leave the garden?
  2. What do you think the word din means?
  3. ‘The noisy monsters aren’t allowed up here.’ What are the noisy monsters?
  4. Why does Max move in the shadows?
  5. Where could the humans be crossing the road?

Writing – Yesterday you began to think about crossing the road and what it means to you. Hopefully you created some really exciting mind maps of your ideas. To help you add to them and further develop them, I would like you to act out crossing the road. What does it take to cross the road? What do you have to do? Add anything that the drama makes you think about. You can also pictures or illustrations to enhance it.

SPAG – Yesterday you started to explore and investigate compound words and nouns. A reminder that a compound noun is two nouns combined to make one noun. Your task is to use some of the compound nouns made yesterday in sentences.



Arithmetic – Leading on from yesterday’s subtraction game I have some subtraction questions for you to try. Be careful though, they are using some very large numbers!

Investigation – We started to explore and look at pictograms yesterday and hopefully you all were able to access the challenges. Your challenge today is to create a pictogram to describe something in your home. You did a similar task last week with tally charts so make sure you choose something new to explore.


Computing and Topic – We are linking all our learning this afternoon and looking at researching and map. I would like you to find a map of Folkestone to look at. Whilst looking at it can you find your house, the school, the beach, the church and the town centre. Which places are closest together on your map? Which are furthest apart?