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Tuesday: Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

More than 480 million have played monopoly! Have you?


Today look at Lesson 2: Angles in regular polygons. Watch the video closely and have a go at the activity too.

English :

Today I would like you to continue working on your Biography. These may take a few days to work on.  Remember the process we would go through in class. Plan/Draft/Edit/Edit again!/Write up.

This does not have to be a handwritten piece- you may wish to type up your biography. Remember I am happy for you to send your work to me to be looked over for you.



Reading a book of your choice – or if you have not done so yet check out the ‘Video Resource Centre’ on the website and listen to the London Eye Story chapters.



Back when you were in Year 3, you would have learnt all about Fossils. What can you remember? Follow the links here to some videos which should help to remind you all about fossils and how they are formed.


I have saved a PowerPoint for you with some images of fossils.  Unfortunately we can’t be in the classroom for this to look at real fossils! Take a look at these images…


  • Think of some adjectives to describe the fossils.
  • Do the fossils resemble anything that you recognise that is alive today or are they different? How are they different?
  • What questions do you have about the fossils?


Choose one of the images of a fossil.

  • Draw a diagram of your chosen fossil .
  • Describe it in detail.
  • Does it look like anything that is alive today? How? What are the similarities and differences between your fossil and what we have alive today?

If you are struggling with these images follow this link for the fossil museum for lots of different images.

If you are lucky enough to have a real fossil at home you can use that? You may wish to just explore these websites and enjoy looking at the fascinating images. That is okay too.

Thinking of you all. Love, Miss Moore. Xx


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