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Tuesday 21st

Good Morning

Hi all, it was great to start hearing from you all again yesterday. Remember to send me anything you have done and it will go on the website. Challenge yourself as well, learning doesn’t have to be paper based. It can be a video, pictures, a voice message, anything at all. If you just want to talk to me then email as well. It would be great to hear from you. The email address is



Try to create your own prayer asking for wisdom and guidance from God.



Guided Reading – Above are the first few pages of The Hodgeheg. Have a read through. Write 5 questions about what you have read to share with the other Elves on the website.

Writing and Computing – We are going to create a fact file this week on Hedgehogs. The first step to this is researching what a hedgehog is. Use books, the internet

 or talk to people. Discover anything you can about hedgehogs and show what you have found.

SPAG – Below is a challenge sheet continuing the conjunction work you started yesterday.



Arithmetic – Today we are going to practice our times tables. There are a series of race games working on the 2s, 5s and 10 times tables.

Problem Solving – Well done working with tally charts yesterday, I saw some brilliant learning being shared! Today I challenge you to explore tally charts and see if you can find a solution to the discussions below.


Topic – We are looking at our local area in topic linked to the lives of Hedgehogs. You task today is to start very local, your house. Can you create a map of your home. Think about the shapes of the rooms, how big they are, where they are in your home. Be really creative with your presentation.