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Tuesday 19th

Good Morning

Hello all, it was great to chat to some of you yesterday and put your learning up on the website. Hope you are all still enjoying home learning and just want to remind you all again that you can do as much or as little as you want and can alter the activity to make it most enjoyable for you to do.



How do you show obedience to the Lord? What do you do to show you follow his instructions? Reflect on God’s instructions, can you list any that you know?



Guided Reading – I gave you chapter 5 to read yesterday and it was quite a long chapter, so I just want you to carry on enjoying reading it together. Remember that it doesn’t all have to be read by one person or children. Share it and enjoy it.

Writing – Yesterday we imagined what our perfect park would be like, would be in it. What would be like for Max the Hodgeheg to be in your park? I would like you to do some roleplay today. Imagine you are Max exploring a new park. How would you move? What would you do? What would your actions look like?

SPAG – We explored the four main types of sentences yesterday. Below are the posters again if you need them. Today there is a little quiz for you to try out. You have to read the sentence at the top of the slide and then decide if it is a statement, question, command or exclamation.



Arithmetic – Carrying on the counting in 5s theme, I have a game for you to play practicing that skill again. Choose times tables from the main screen, then either of the sides as long as you choose x5.

Learning Task – Below is the continuation from yesterday, can you identify the time shown on one set of clocks and can you draw the time on the others. They are only o’clock and half past times like yesterday.


Computing – We are looking at emails today to finish off this terms learning. What do you think emails are? What is the point of an email? What have they replaced? If you can and would like to your task is to send an email to Mr Langley on asking to turn the school into a hedgehog hospital.