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Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

Water covers 70% of the Earth.


Arithmetic: have a go at adding and subtracting decimals today. See documents below. Choose your level of sheet carefully.

Please follow the link to Lesson 2: Step 7 – Ratio and Proportion problems.  Follow up the lesson with the activity too.


You will need this clip again - ‘Alma’.

In your exercise books, create a timeline of events or a story map.

What happened first? Next? What did she do before she went into the shop? After she entered the shop?... What happened in the end?  

If you finish, think about how to link each part using adverbials. E.g. Soon, Before long, Without warning, After I entered, While the snow fell….

Reading: Read the short story, ‘In the company of a thief’. Discuss with a grown up any vocabulary that you do not know. Next, refer to the supporting PowerPoint and practise answering three mark questions.

Top tip: PEE (Point, Evidence, Explanation).


History:  Who was Alexander Graham Bell? Watch this BBC learning clip:

PE: Have you been trying to keep fit? Maybe create your own mini workout for whilst you at home. You can do this either inside or outside. Have a go at this work out to get your started.

Unicorns work out challenge:

20 x sit ups

20 x push ups

50 star jumps

1 minute jog on the spot with 30 seconds rest – repeat three times.


Happy Tuesday Unicorns – I’m in school working today but I will do my best to respond to any emails as soon as possible. Miss Moore. X