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Tuesday 12th

Good Morning

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. It was great to speak to a few of you yesterday and great to work with some of you as well in school. Next week, Mrs Huotari will be hosting a virtual assembly next week! Watch this space for more information.



What does take your breath away mean to you? Can you recall a time when you had your breath taken away?



Guided Reading – Yesterday I uploaded chapter 4 for you to explore and read, today I would like you to create a story map for the chapter, what happens, what is the order, what are the main events?

Creative and Computing – In the chapter, Max is still trying to cross the road even though he hurt his head. He can’t work the lights though which means that crossing the road is still dangerous for him and other hedgehogs. Can you design and label a machine or way for hedgehogs to cross the road? Use the computer if you can to create your design.

SPAG – We explored contractions yesterdays and I have a challenge for you today in the form of a game. There is a missing letter in each contraction, can you work out what it is?



Arithmetic – We are going to continue the subtraction line today. There are some subtraction challenges below to have a go at! Remember, you are looking for the missing number, not the answer to the subtraction.

Investigation – We are going to start thinking about patterns today. What is a pattern? How are they made? Mind map what you know about patterns. Then can you create 5 repeating patterns of your own?


Topic – Hedgehogs are found all over the United Kingdom. Do you know what the UK is? The UK is a collection of 4 countries all working together. Below is a blank map of the UK. Can you draw on the borders between each of the countries and then colour them in. After that, can you label the capital cities for each country? Finally, can you label where Folkestone is?