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Tue 5th

Good Morning

Hi everyone, thank you for the work sent in recently. It will all be going up on the website tomorrow! I have been looking at it all and it is amazing! I am in school today so if you would like to ring in and say hello you are more than welcome!



Create and share a prayer with your family thanking and rejoicing in Gods gifts.



Guided Reading – There is the whole of chapter 3 up for you to read through, it is not very long and there is picture to look at as well. I would like you to write 5 multiple choices questions about what you have read in the chapter.

Writing – Yesterday you spent time imagining what it must be like to be a hedgehog and drawing from their perspective on the floor. We are going to think about the language that we use to describe what we can see. I would like you to create a word web, it is like a mind map, however you start with a noun (a naming word) and then link adjectives (describing words) that fit with them.

SPAG – You started to investigate past and present tense yesterday. Today I would like you practice those skills and produce 3 past and 3 present tense sentences. For an extra challenge, can you make the sentences all link into one paragraph?



Arithmetic – You have your times tables race challenge to continue with that I set yesterday. As well as this I would like to create a poster for your times to look at if you need help when you need it.

Investigation – You started to think about position and direction yesterday. I will give you a clue and idea to what that is today with a game. You have to blindfold someone in your home and then get them from one room to another using only the words forward, back, left and right. See if you can do it.


Computing – Below is a screen shot of the google homepage. Label as many parts of it as you can.


Topic – Below are some picture cards of famous places found in the UK. There are a mixture of human and physical features. A human feature is made by people, it is something that doesn’t occur in nature. A physical feature is the opposite and occurs it nature, it is something that doesn’t have to be made. Can you sort the features into their groups.