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Tue 24th

Good Morning

Hope you all had a great day yesterday and it was brilliant to see some amazing learning coming through.


Be inspired! Be friendly! Be courageous!



Question to reflect on: How do you bring joy to your home?



Reading – Have a look at and read the set of instructions above.

Can you answer these five questions?

  1. How many ingredients are used to make the sandwich?
  2. What is the fourth instruction?
  3. Pick a time connective that could start the second instruction.
  4. Which ingredient was poured?
  5. How many steps are there in total for this set of instructions?

Writing – Writing and topic learning are linked together today. In our class book Pattan’s Pumpkin, the story is set in India. I would like you research 5 facts about the capital city New Delhi. You can record and write down these facts however you would like. Can you try to use bullet points?

Phonics - /Th/ can be a tricky sound to hear and know. Read the sentences together below and see if you can recognise all the words that conatin the /th/ sound. Can you spell them without looking as well?

  1. Can a chip be thick?
  2. Can a hen shop with a fish?
  3. Can a thin chicken put on a thick hat?



Arithmetic – Have a go at reciting the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Turn it into a game by throwing a ball between people, if you catch the ball, you must say the next number in the sequence. You can always add in an out rule if some gets it wrong!

Challenge – Having begun to investigate capacity yesterday. I would like you to work out which one of the options below has the most liquid.

  1. 3 250ml glasses
  2. 5 100ml glasses
  3. 4 200ml glasses
  4. 3 300ml glasses



We started to explore and look at PowerPoint last week. I would like to make an Elves PowerPoint all about us. Can you design a slide for the PowerPoint? It needs to have your name, 3 things you enjoy and 3 things you do not. You can be as creative with your designing as you like. If you have access to PowerPoint, you can make your slide for yourself and I will add it in.