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Good morning Griffins,

Hope you are all well, we are looking forward to seeing many of you next week.

We will hold a zoom meeting at 2pm tomorrow (Friday 10th) to have a chat and talk about anything that you would like to know before you come back into school next week.

Feel free to ask any questions and I will talk you through some of the routines of the day so you know what to expect. Hope to see you then.


Mr Langley




“Goodness is the harvest that is produced from the seeds

that peacemakers plant in peace.”


James 3:18


As the music is playing think about all of the good things that are happening around you at home and in the wider community.



Complete any 'Fox' learning you may have missed or need to finish, we will not be setting any more tasks on this book.

We hope you enjoyed it!


There is a reading comprehension to complete in the resources below. There are two sets of questions, A and B, choose one to complete or do both!



Remember you do not have to copy out all of the questions, especially if they use complicated diagrams.

Your answers and any workings out are enough.


Lessons this week from:  Summer Term - Week 11 (w/c 6th July)

The question and answer sheets are found at the bottom of this page.

Watch the lesson and complete the sheet: Lesson 4 - Translation

The sheets for lesson 4 are found in the resources at the bottom of this page.



Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist, inventor and engineer.

Goldberg is best known for his popular cartoons depicting complicated gadgets performing simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways.

Read the information sheet about Rube found in the resources below then have a go at the activity sheet.

It would be great if you can video your invention and feat of engineering and send it into us. Good luck!