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Daily reflection + music

Good morning Pixies. Now we’re in the month of July, Summer is well and truly here (even if the weather is a bit hit and miss!). Let’s keep working hard until the end of “term” - we can do this! Take a moment to listen to the music and watch the images ready for your day ahead. 


Today we are going to begin to think about TIME. We need to be able to read o'clock times. Follow the link and watch this clip about time. Be ready to join in! smiley


Have a chat to your grown up about o'clock times that are familiar to you. Here are some prompts to get you started:

What time do you wake up?

What time is lunch?

What time do you go to bed?


Now have a go at playing this telling the time game (make sure you click telling the time to the hour) 


Watch the video clip of the author of The Storm Whale, Benji Davies, reading his story. Before you watch it - today we are going to think about how the characters behave and how they are feeling or what they might be thinking.  

Now look at the illustration from the end of the story as shown below. Have a go at drawing this scene from the story and colour it in using felt tip pens or pencils to bring it to life! Write a sentence about what Nori is doing and how he is feeling. Then do the same again for the other character - Nori's Dad. 



Today we are going to think about the alternative pronouncations for g and c. We sometimes call these soft g and soft c. Watch Mr Thorne who will explain:


Soft g: 


Soft c:


Now think about these words:

gap, giraffe, gas, magic, pig, plug, danger, germ, golf, ginger

Which of these words have a soft g? Write them down and draw a picture to go with them.


Repeat this activity for soft c. Which of these words have a soft c?

pencil, mice, catch, creep, city, cinnamon, clock


For today’s Science learning you have a challenge - do some research to find out what evergreen and deciduous trees are! You can decide how to show your findings - it could be a poster, a video or a small booklet. You may wish to go on a tree hunt with your grown up to find some evergreen and deciduous trees in the world around you! Don’t forget to email us so we can share this learning on the website smiley


Well done for working hard today Pixies!


Love from Mrs Mackell, Mrs Jukes and Mrs Welsh xxx