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Thursday: Good Morning Unicornsheart


A prayer for encouragement this morning:

Heavenly Lord,

This is the day you have made, we will rejoice and be glad in it! For You promise Your beloved rest between Your shoulders. You are ever so close to us, Father. We can do all things through You …for You are the source of our strength. Let all we do honour You, Father. As you encourage us, let us be an encouragement to those around us. 

Lord hear our prayer. Amen.



Arithmetic: Choose an activity from the arithmetic activities tab.


Lesson 4: Reflections. Please follow the link to the video for today’s lesson:

I have attached the Home learning video links for the week below and please find the worksheet for today’s lesson attached with the documents below.



We need to start thinking about preparations for your last day at primary School for next week. Today I would like you to write down – five of your top memories from your years at Stella Maris. (These memories need to be a few lines long). Then decide on your favourite one – try and get this written up or typed up so it can be sent to me via email. These can be read out as part of our ‘virtual’ leavers’ assembly.



Spend 30 minutes reading a book of your choice.


Make sure you are up to date with our reading and read up to ‘Part Four: Jack’ (p.g 133)

For children following the text at home you can access an online copy of the book from the following link:


Journey in Love:

This week we are looking into the ‘Emotional’ and ‘Social’ aspects of love. We will learn about how relationships develop and eventually you may be able to use the word ‘love’. In addition, we can use this session to reflect on the signs of love we see in the people around us. It could be our parents, our grandparents, family friends or neighbours. In addition, we will reflect on the different friendships we have in our own lives. Read the attached PowerPoint, which is saved in today’s documents for you. If you are working independently, make some notes. However, if you can work with adult support at home then it would be good to talk through the slides with them.


  • Draw a map of all the connections you have in your life with couples you know or friends you have.
  • Write a prayer-thanking god for your friendships. Be thankful for the source of love. There are some examples of short prayers on the PowerPoint slides.


Hope you all have a great day! Love, Miss Moore. xx