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Thursday 7th

Good Morning

Hi all, hope you are well and keeping safe as always. Today is the last day of this week as tomorrow is a bank holiday and school is closed. So just to confirm, there will be no learning set tomorrow, Friday.



Reflect on what it means to be filled with God’s joy. How does God bring joy into your life?



Guided Reading – I am setting you a free read day. You can read anything you want with who you want. Challenge though, who can come up with the most extreme reading at home. Lets see what you can come up with!

Writing and SPAG – Today we are going to go for our big write. We are going to pretend we are a hedgehog in your homes going on an exploration. We are going to describe what we can see in your pictures. A setting description is a description of what your senses take in. Use all the word work we have done earlier in the week to support your writing. Also remember it is just a description, not a story, you shouldn’t move around or do anything, just describe!



Arithmetic – Today is the day to see if you can beat your times tables recall time from Monday. You have to say your 2s, 5s and 10s as fast as you can in order! Good luck!

Problem Solving – Today we are moving onto just looking at turns. A turn is staying on the spot and moving your body to face a different direction. We turn in either a clockwise or an anticlockwise direction. We can then turn in different amounts; we can make quarter, half and three quarter turns. I have put a picture of this below. Have a go at the challenge cards below.


RE – We discussed last week the routine of many people to talk to God before sleep. You thought about what you might have said to God on that day. I would like you think about what you could say to God every night. Can you create a prayer to say before you go to sleep?


Topic – We learnt recently about the need of all living things to have a habitat. A place where they find all their needs to live and survive. I would like you to research what habitat a hedgehog needs to live and survive. Then after your research think about what their habitat would like in a zoo, can you design for them an enclosure that would match their natural habitat.