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Good Morning

Hi everyone, almost at the end of the week and the weekend. See you all soon for maths zoom today! As I did on Tuesday, I will send out a 5 minute reminder message and then wait 10 minutes for people join. Please message other parents to let me know if you join after this time.






Guided Reading – We will continue the guided reading task from yesterday. Can you create 5 questions about the Pirates comic from Monday? We will share as many as possible after maths today.

Writing – Yesterday we planned out the beginning of our stories, today we are going to plan out the events of the middle section. The middle is where the good character is going to start their story to correct what the bad character has done. It often has a journey involved and a trial for the good character to go through. Think back to our zoom lesson for some ideas or email me if you need or want to.



Arithmetic and Challenges – We are going to Zoom for maths today so I will not set other learning tasks.


RE – The greatest treasure even given to us by God was the Earth we live on and share with each other. Watch this video of the Creation story I would like you to create a poster that celebrates the treasure of the Earth.