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Daily reflection + music


Good morning Pixies! You are all superheroes and learning is your super power! Have a great day :-)


We're continuing to think about money today. Have you got any coins in a money box or purse that you can find and name? Follow the link to this game:

Select 'Sorting' and 'Sort two coins' and have a go at this game to check you can recognise and name the different coins.

1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2


Then have a go at the Toy Shop money game on the same website by following this link:

Choose one coin for a slightly easier challenge or mixed coins if you fancy more of a challenge! Then select an amount to go up to (no more than £2!) depending on how confident you feel (discuss this with your grown up!)



Today we are going to think about adding labels to pictures. Follow this link to have a go at labelling a lion:


And an elephant:


Now have a go at labelling a giraffe - this one is a little harder!


Draw or print out a picture of an animal of interest to you e.g. a shark if you are fascinated by them and have a go at labelling at least six body parts. 

Warm up for Phonics with this alphabet song


Today we are learning about the split digraph a_e. Watch Mr Thorne who will explain this to you:


Can you solve the clues below and work out the a_e word? Write them down

You use this to dig holes.

This has candles on top and you eat it on your birthday.

This animal makes a ssssss sound.


Now have a go at writing down these words:

flame, maze, cage, race, lake and draw a picture to show their meaning. 



Explore your garden or go for a nature walk on the lookout for leaves. Use the leaf scavenger hunt below. 




Choose a story with a bad character e.g. the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. Share this story with your grown up at home. How do we know this character is bad? What do they look like in the pictures? What do they do and say to make them bad? Think carefully about this and then make a WANTED poster for them!


Well done for working so hard today Pixies! 

Love from Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh xxx