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Good Morning

Hi all, it was great to see you again yesterday for English and I hope you all enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow again for Maths zoom.





Guided Reading – Today you can read and enjoy a book of your choice. Use the reading bingo card to find an activity to do with your book.

Writing – Following on from our zoom yesterday where we discussed grouping sentences into paragraphs we can start to think about what we are going to write in our fact file tomorrow. I would like you to think about the paragraphs you would like to be included and what they will be about. As an example I would write a paragraph about where and when my pirate was born and where and when they died.



Arithmetic – Having practiced our 2 times tables yesterday, I would like you to try a race day. How quickly can you count from 0x22 all the way up to 10x2? Can you get quicker?

Investigations – We are going to come to the penultimate day of multiplication and investigate our 10 times tables. We are only working with multiplying by 10. The video for this is here and the challenges are below.


RE – Before Saint John visited the Christians who were living in Rome he wrote to them to give them encouragement during the hard times. He wrote:

“The Spirit helps us when we find things difficult, sometimes it is not easy to pray but the Holy Spirit will be in your heart and God sees into our hearts and the Holy Spirit will speak for us.  We know that all things work out for good for those who love God.”

Based on Romans 8: 22-28


Can you create a prayer asking the Holy Spirit to support and guide us.