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“Children, let us not love  with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”

 1 John 3:18

Show some generosity today. Be generous with your time, help someone out or make something for someone.



English and Art

Class Book: ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies


 Book making

Publishing writing for an audience makes the writing more purposeful and raising the bar in terms of expectations and presentation. Children begin to see themselves as ‘real authors’ and take this responsibility seriously.

Simple concertina books, folded from A3 paper or card, folded ‘origami’ books or books employing a range of paper technology pop-up and sliding elements can all be used to add impact to the writing.

  • Orientate a piece of  A4 paper in landscape and fold each of the outside edges to the centre to create cupboard doors.
  • Cut building shapes along the top of the page – they do not have to match as they will resemble a cityscape when folded shut. 
  • You could make a second cityscape book, hiding a green ‘in bloom’ scene inside it. Stick the two books together, back to back, and use it to display two contrasting pieces of writing.


You need to choose a piece of writing about the urban landscape when it is 'dark and ugly,' and one about when it is in full bloom. Write these on each side of the book.


Take a photo of your book and send it to


For more information on book making techniques visit Paul Johnson’s web site ( where you can find an extraordinary selection of books!




Multiplying unit fractions by an integer (whole number)

Complete the questions from the worksheets at the bottom of this page.

There are developing, expected and greater depth sheets with the answers on the last page.


A video can be found at Khan Academy to help explain this:


There is also a Powerpoint to support this learning at the bottom of the page.



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