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Daily reflection + meditation

Good morning Pixies!

Well done for a great week so far everybody! Let’s try this Rainbow breathing meditation to start our day the right way :-)


What is a book review? Have a chat about this with your grown up. A book review is where you tell someone what you think about a book you have read. Today we are going to write a simple book review for The Snail and the Whale. Have a look at the template below. Look at each section and fill it in. 

Reading - have a go at this scavenger hunt and pick ONE book to read at the end!


Join in with this one more than song to help us get warmed up for Maths!

This week we have been thinking about place value. Follow this link to access interactive place value charts:

Click "Practise" and then choose either T O (tens and ones) or H T O (hundreds, tens and ones). Have a go at making the numbers and record the sentences e.g. 70 + 2 = 72 as you go on a whiteboard or a piece of paper. Try and be as accurate as you can!


Then you can have a go at the Shark Numbers game that you should recognise!

Choose your numbers carefully - pick the right level of challenge for you (your adult can help you decide!)



Practise writing these tricky words:

Mr, Mrs, looked, called, asked

You could write them in multi-coloured letters, bubble writing, in the sand or on an etch-a-sketch! Use whatever you have at home to make this fun and help you remember the spellings! The more imaginative the better!


Today we are going to practise the 'ey' sound. Watch Geraldine the giraffe practise the ey sound by following the link below:


Then choose four of these ey words and make a little 'ey' book (template below or make your own by folding a piece of A4 paper in quarters). Write each word in your best handwriting and draw a picture to help you remember it!


money, honey, key, donkey, turkey, trolley


We need to be able to identify these parts of a tree:


roots, trunk, branches, leaves, flowers


Go on a tree walk and see how many different trees you can spot and point out their roots, trunk, branches, leaves and flowers to your grown up. You could take a photograph of the tree and label it. Or perhaps you would like to draw or paint one. Can you name the type of tree that you have chosen?


Well done for a super day little Pixies!


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh xxx