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Daily reflection

Good Morning Pixies. Have a look at this morning’s reflection picture. How can you be kind today? 

Join in with our good morning song :-)


Today we are going to finish our snail travel journals. We need to write the end of the snail's journey - the part where the whale ends up lying beached in a bay. Don't forget you need to write as though you are the snail! Plan and write three sentences - what happened, how you felt and how the problem was solved! Then you need to read through all your writing and check it makes sense!



You might want a copy of a hundred square (attached below) to help you with this first activity. 

Caterpillar Ordering (follow link, click the ordering "Ordering" option and choose 1-100)



Follow the link to listen to a song about tricky words:

Do you know how to spell all the tricky words that are included? Make a list of them and pop them up somewhere to help you learn them! If you already know how to spell them, can you use them in a silly sentence?


Let's recap the grapheme




With an adult, can you explore your garden or go for a walk armed with some paper and crayons and take some bark rubbings of different trees? Place your piece of paper over the trunk of the tree and rub your crayon to pick up the texture of the bark. If you are able to identify the tree - write this next to your bark rubbing!

How many different trees can you investigate? Look carefully at the leaves as this will help you to remember any trees that you are able to identify. Enjoy!



Take your book with you and read it outside! Ask your grown up to pick five words for you to find within your book. 




Well done Pixies for all your hard work today. Tomorrow is Fridaaaay! Hooray 😎

Love from Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell & Mrs Welsh xxx