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Good Morning

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and keeping safe still. It has been great to see and talk to some of you again this week. Please keep emailing as I can share them with the Elves in school with me, who have loved sending messages back. Just a reminder that we have our zoom reflection and catch up tomorrow morning. If you have not recieved the details via the app please email me or ring the school office.



How do you show you are gentle to all? Why do you think it is important to be gentle all the time?



Guided Reading - We watched and saw our book being read yesterday. If you need or want to watch again then go back to Wednesday's work. I would like you to create 5 questions about the story to share with someoene else and see if they can answer them. Maybe we will be able to share them on Zoom tomorrow!

Writing - I am going to set you a task for today and tomorrow. I would like you to story map as much of the story from the video and the book as you can. You can do it over multiple pages and using what ever you would like. Remember a story map uses arrows to link pictures and writing. We aren't retelling the story.



Arithmetic - We are going to link to our number work yesterday on number families. Create as many number families as you can that have the answer 10. For example 9+1=10  10=9+1 etc

Challenges - We are going to look at and explore comparing two number sentences. We have used the > < and = to compare in school before. Remember that > means greater than. < means less than. = means equal to. The video is here for you to do and the challenges and answers are below.


Topic - We are going to carry on with our pirate topic and do some making today. We created whole pirate earlier in the week, today I would like you create pirate hats to wear to our zoom meeting tomorrow. They can be made out of anything at all and look like anything at all. I look forward to seeing some of these tomorrow!