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Daily reflection + music

Good morning Pixies and Happy Thursday 🧡

We hope everyone has got back into the swing of learning this week. Take a moment to listen to the music, watch the images and think about the quote “Never stop exploring”.

Join in with our good morning song :-)



Use the link below to watch just the very beginning of the story. Stop at the point where the snail writes a message on the rock (at around 4 mins 15 secs!).

Now let's think about the snail's family. Why do they say "Be quiet!", "Don't wriggle!" and "Sit still!" ? How do you think this makes the snail feel? What do you think the snail would be saying to itself? Look at the picture from the story below. Fill in the snail's thinking bubble. Plan your sentence or sentences really carefully. Make sure you:

yes Say your sentence out loud first. Does it make sense?

yes Use capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and your best handwriting!

yes Try and use some descriptive language to make your writing interesting.

yes Once you have written your sentence or sentences down, check them by yourself.




This week we’re working on counting to 100 (forwards and backwards). We need to get to know the hundred square really well as that will help us with our learning.

Use this link: to access “Paint the Squares”. Choose the 1-100 grid option. Do the following activities. You may need to reset the hundred square each time! If you have a printer at home you may want to print out some of your mathematical investigations! 

🟨Find the smallest number on your hundred square and mark it yellow 

💓Mark the biggest number pink 

🟥Colour all the 10s numbers in red 

🟦Mark all the even numbers blue 

🟩Ask your grown up to call out 10 random numbers between 1-100 and mark them green as quick as you can

🌟 Now have a bit of time exploring the hundred square for yourself. Do you notice any patterns?! 🌟



💛Follow the link to revise some sounds that you should already know really well. Select all 11 graphemes from the Phase 3 set when it prompts you to choose.

💙Today we’re going to go back over the graphemes 

ie (as in pie)   +  ea (as in sea) 

Practise writing these sounds in as many different ways as you can - in the air, in the sand, on someone’s back. select the ie + ea option and practise reading the words. Make a note of them on a piece of paper or whiteboard as you go. Add sound buttons at the end! 






We are continuing our topic on Plants this term, and in particular we are going to be thinking about trees 💚

🌳What do you already know about trees? Create a brainstorm including all the things you already know. You can add ideas from your family members too. Perhaps you could be really clever and brainstorm your ideas in the shape of a tree! If you want to this can just be a discussion as the second activity would be better to get down in writing and/or drawings! 


🌴What would you like to find out about trees this term? Plan some questions about what you would like to learn about trees. Use the question hand below to help you think of different question words. Decide how you would like to record this Science and please make sure you send us your questions so we can answer them throughout the term! 💭 


📚🎲 Choose a story and find a dice. Share your book with someone. Use the “roll + retell” prompt below. Roll two numbers today and answer those questions about what you have read.