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Listen to the reflection music (youtube):

While you are listening to the music, think about what makes you, you. As we always say in the Griffins, we are all talented in different ways and we all think differently. Life would be boring if we were all the same.


Write a message and send it to your fellow Griffins:



Get in some morning exercise or yoga.

If you are not taking part in the morning exercise routines at 9am each day have a look at these sites to find something to take part in.    Youtube- Cosmic Kids Yoga Minecraft theme

Youtube- Short exercise routines



Class Book: ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies


Graph of emotions 
 A graph of emotions can be used to show the emotional journey of characters, by comparing their emotional state during the story.  

 Consider the emotional journey the girl or the citizens in the city have gone on since the start of the story.

 Think about the emotional range of the character you want to graph and select words to demarcate the y axis of your graph. Spend some time thinking about the most suitable words to use – is it sad? Or could you describe the emotions experienced better by using words such as miserable, despairing or desolate?

 Use a thermometer image to build up a scale of suitable words, selecting appropriate vocabulary for your graph.  

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 Use the main events of the story as the x axis and then graph the emotional state of the character at each of these main events to form your graph. Use the graph to tell the story of the character’s emotional journey.



LO: Add fractions

Pages 23 and 24, work through examples together and look at the mathematical talk section.

Classroom secrets hmk pages. Choose Developing, Expected or Greater Depth level. (see below)