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Thursday Home Learning

Good Morning Dragons!

Which word is written incorrectly in the dictionary?

Miss Baker x



30 minutes of Times Tables Rockstars- keep working towards your next gig please!

White Rose Lesson 4- Video, worksheet and answers attached below


30 minutes of your own reading book

Complete the English task attached below


Today we are going to learn about Aztec beliefs and gods!

The Aztecs believed in different gods- I would like you to create a double page spread about the different gods!

Today I would like you to do your research. Pick 3 or 4 gods to research. Remember that when you note down information you do not need to use full sentences but do make sure you re-write it in words that make sense to you! The more notes you make the easier you will find your work.

Also think about the following so you can write an introductory paragraph

Did they have one god or many?

What did they believe about their Gods and how they affected their lives?

What rites did they use in connection with their religion?