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Thursday: Good Morning Unicorns,


Year 6 please encourage your parents to check their school app messages as one has gone out regarding leavers hoodies for you all. Mrs Harrison is kindly organising this - you need to let Mrs Tidd in the office know by Friday 22nd May if you would like to order one (that's tomorrow!)  If your parents have any queries or questions then they can email Mrs Harrison : mailheart




What vegetables for you find in a toilet?

Leeks and Peas!


Lesson 4: Decimals as fractions. Please follow the link to today’s home learning. As before I have attached the worksheet and answers for today below.



Please continue with you lockdown diary work – the PowerPoint has been attached below for you. yes



Can you answer the comprehension questions based on the text - The Slug. This is the second set of questions and again there are 20 questions in total so lots to work through. I have attached the text again below in today’s documents plus the questions and answers sheet.



Work through the activities on the PiXL PowerPoint –the grammatical function of articles or determiners. The PowerPoint is attached below for you.



Check out on ‘Sing at home with Duncan’ found on the video resource centre of our website.laugh



‘Silly Drawing Prompts’ – this activity is just a bit of fun sketching. You do not need anything but pencil and paper – you may colour the drawings in if you wish. Below are ten silly drawing prompts for you to have a go at below.


  1. Draw a crab at a birthday party.
  2. Draw a food eating another kind of food.
  3. Draw Miss Moore with hair made from fruit.
  4. Draw a dragon breathing rainbows.
  5. Draw a pencil sharpener eating/sharpening something other than a pencil.
  6. Draw a plant with a face.
  7. Draw Mrs Harrison with spoons for legs.
  8. Draw a hot dog flying.
  9. Draw a pineapple rollerblading – or taking part in a different sport.
  10.  Draw a lizard putting on lipstick.


Hehe! You do not need to complete them all – it’s just a bit of fun. Maybe you could facetime other children in the class and see if they can guess what your drawing is? Lastly, what silly drawing prompt would you add to the list?  


Hope you are all having a good week, remember if you have any problems or questions please do email me and I will answer them as promptly as possible. Stay safe. Love, Miss Moore. xxheart