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“Jesus replied: anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.”


John 14:23




Learning Objective:  Writes simple sentences which can be read by themselves and others, with some words spelt correctly and others phonetically plausible.


Write a set of instructions telling someone how to stay fit and healthy.  You could include good food choices and some form of exercise.  You may need to draw some pictures showing how to do the exercise. 




Learning focus: Tricky Word Slam


Tricky words are those that cannot be read using Phonics. These are sometimes referred to as common exception words. There are two lists of examples at the bottom of this page. Choose a small number (4-6) of tricky words and practise reading these with your child. Lay them out in a row. Say a tricky word and your child should try to beat you to it by ‘Slamming’ the correct word with their hand. Introduce new tricky words one at a time.


Challenge: Include a red herring. Say a word that isn’t in the pile – if children recognise this, they shout out ‘Red herring!’ and win a point. If they miss it, you win the point.




Learning Objective: Uses everyday language of measures (size, weight and capacity) when comparing quantities or solving problems.


Order a set of objects from shortest to longest .  Look at the example above.  Which is the longest and which is the shortest?  Explain about the length of the objects in between.


Physical Development


Learning Objective: Knows the importance of good health and physical exercise, and a healthy diet, and talks about ways to keep healthy and safe.


Do a session of Cosmic Yoga by following the link below:


Or alternatively do some other form of exercise of your choice.  Perhaps go on a bike ride or a run outside?


Enjoy yourself!