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Daily reflection and Music (Here Comes The Sun from Bee Movie)

Good morning Pixies and Happy Thursday :-)

Listen to the song and think about the lyrics



Sit back and listen to the story of Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. Alex Scheffler, the illustrator is going to read the story to you. He drew all the wonderful pictures in the story! Once you have listened - what was your favourite part of the story? 



All you need for this game is a sheet of kitchen roll, felt tip pens (not sharpies!) and something to spray/squirt water (a calpol syringe would work!) Get an adult to write these words down on to the kitchen roll for you (see example below): say, play, day, rain, tail, mail, paint, way, drain, May, jail, bay, sail, clay, rail and fail.

Read them out loud once before you start the game. You will need to be quick, the adult says a word and you have to find it, say it again and spray it! Then they say the next word for you to find and so on! But the colours will start to run so time is of the essence! You could have another go with tricky words! Pop a plate underneath the kitchen roll to catch the coloured water! You might want to keep the kitchen roll and let it dry as it’ll make cool colours 😎 If you aren’t able to play this game - can you invent a new game using the same words and teach us how to play it?! 

Phonics game


We’ve now finished our versions of ‘Wild’ - you might like to ask an adult to video you reading your story out loud which could then be added to our Pixies page!


For today’s writing challenge - choose some free writing that you would like to do (just like you might do in our writing area). Here are some suggestions: 

heart a list of places you look forward to visiting when you are able to

heart a letter or quick note to a friend, family member or someone at school that you miss (this would be a lovely way to spread kindness) 

heart a recipe of something you have made 

Adults: you will know best what your child’s interest are and what they might enjoy to write about at the moment. They may be becoming more reluctant to write as time goes on, which is perfectly normal. If they have some lovely ideas for writing, you can write them down and perhaps they could illustrate.










Halving investigation: Can it be halved? You need something you can use as counters - it could be pieces of lego, loom bands, pencils, anything that you have at least 20 of, some paper and glue. 

Write these numbers down on separate slips of paper:

10   15   12   18   13   9   20   14   17   16   7   11

 Get two pieces of paper. At the top of one write ✅ can be halved and on the other write ❌ can’t be halved. Now work through the numbers - which can be halved and which can’t? Use your counters to help you! Sort the numbers and stick. Use bigger numbers for extra challenge. 


Do you notice a pattern?! Numbers that can be halved are 2s numbers because everyone always has a partner - they come in 2s of course! The other numbers are odd because they are not 2s, there is always an odd one out! 




📸 We need to know that we take photographs for a range of purposes. With permission from an adult, use an iphone, ipad or a camera to take a photograph of something in your house that makes you happy 🥰. It could be a pet or a sibling or perhaps your favourite toy. Ask an adult to show you how to do this and have a go. We often take quite a few and then pick the best. Have a look at the photographs you have taken and choose the best. Before you know it you will be chief photographer in your house ;-) 


As a treat at the end of today, perhaps you can find Stick Man the BBC film version and snuggle up and watch it, having listened to the story this morning. We will do the same and will be thinking of you all 💜


Love from Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh xxx