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Thursday: Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

Owls cannot move their eyeballs.


Lesson 3: Divide fractions by integers. Please follow the link to today’s home learning. As before I have attached the worksheet and answers for today below.



Can you write your first draft as your classroom object? Remember you are writing a letter to the Unicorns or a member of the Unicorns class. Here are some ideas of how you could open your letters... just to get you started... yes


Dear Unicorns,

It’s me. The door. Which one you ask? I am the blue door which takes you out to the outside seating area. Yes it’s me. The one you cannot remember whether to push or pull!! FOOLS…


Dear Mrs Harrison,

                Stapler here. Just a little note to say: GIVE IT A REST WILL YOU! Day in day out, you grab me and punch, punch punch away. How much more must you have to staple?


You can write the letter to yourself, or the whole class or someone of your choice. Like myself, Mrs Harrison or someone else in school. Have a go at starting your draft today – remember any work can be sent to Miss Moore via email.mail



Can you answer the comprehension questions based on the text - The Cave. There are 19 questions in total so lots to work through. I have attached the text again below in today’s documents. Plus the questions and answers sheet.



Work through the activities on the PiXL PowerPoint – this will be a bit of revision for you – looking at the grammatical features of verbs. The PowerPoint is attached below for you.



I wanted to share this with you today, great music activity that you can get involved with from 2pm today. The Quarterhouse, Folkestone will be getting involved with ‘Homeskool Beatbox Adventures!’
Every Thursday at 2pm 'Shlomo' will be hosting a live and interactive performance workshop for children and families. Learn new skills, create new music and help the NHS. To help Shlomo along the way he will be joined by some very special guests.

Today, you can tune-in and take part by heading over to the Creative Folkestone Quarterhouse Facebook page at 2pm every Thursday. Or follow this link to take part and find more information :



Look at the ‘Daily Reflections’ tab for this week – can you pick one of the reflective activities of there to complete today.


Hope you have a great day – any problems or questions please do email me and I will answer them as promptly as possible. Stay safe. Love, Miss Moore. xx