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Learning Objective: RESPOND

Remembering, celebrating and responding to how and why people

gather together and the joy of gathering together to celebrate at Mass.


Have a few moments of quiet reflection -


What things are better done together than alone?  Discuss with your grown up.

Can you remember what it felt like to be at mass with the whole school in church?


What do you enjoy about singing together with your friends?


Can you describe what it feels like to sing as part of a group?


Apply their learning


When I gather together with my friends, how do I show God’s love?


Draw or write about how you show God’s love when you are together with your friends or act out a role play using some of your toys to be your friends.


Focus on the word "Gathering".





Learning focus: Silly Sentences


Choose a ‘focus phoneme’ (a sound that you want to focus on). Collect as many words as you can that contain this phoneme. Write each on a square of paper or a sticky note. Have fun moving the different words around to create silly sentences. For example: 


chair, chopped, chimp, chose, chores, cheeky, chatting


A cheeky chimp chose chopping chairs instead of chores and chatting. 


Challenge: Can you substitute new words into your silly sentence? What is the shortest/longest/funniest/silliest sentence you can make? 


Challenge: Try a new phoneme. Which phoneme is the easiest/trickiest/silliest? Can you create a sentence where every word contains your focus phoneme?