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Daily reflection + music (Times Like These by the Live Lounge Allstars charity single)

Good morning Pixies. We are nearly at the end of the week - keep smiling :-)

Live Lounge Allstars - Times Like These (BBC Radio 1 Stay Home Live Lounge)



Choose a book that you have already read this week. This time can you spot how many different settings there are in your story?


We know the story 'Wild' quite well by now and thought it would be fun to make a comic strip of it. Use the attached template (page 1) or make your own. Write the title of the story in bold, bright letters in the box at the top. You only need to draw pictures for this but you can include some key words if you wish. Perhaps these key words could be in speech bubbles! Think about which part of the story you are going to include in each box. We'd like you to have fun with this and we can't wait to see the finished result!


Make a top secret paper aeroplane (see pic below) that includes these Year 1 spellings: put, once, where, love, one, pull, push, full. 


We are thinking about weight and mass. Play this game to help your understanding:


We can use technology to record sound, store it and play it back. With your adult, access Voice Memos on an iphone, ipad or alternative device and practise recording a short message and playing it back. How long is your voice message? You might like to record a voice message for a family member or friend and ask your adult to send this to them! I am sure that would make them smile :-)


Only one more day until the weekend Pixies!


Love from Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell & Mrs Welsh xxx