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Learning Objective: The joy of gathering to listen to God’s Word.



Jesus loved everyone, he was kind and gentle.  Parents and carers brought their children to Jesus for him to bless.  Some people thought the children should not be bothering Jesus.  But Jesus loved all the children and said, “Let the children come to me.”  So, the children gathered round Jesus and loved being with Jesus.  Jesus loved the children. Gospel (Mark 10: 13,14-16). 


Watch the video below.

  1. Why did the children want to be near Jesus?
  2. Would you like to be there too, why?
  3. What did some people think?
  4. What do you think Jesus said to the children?
  5. What does the story tell you about Jesus?


Draw a picture of Jesus with all the children around him.  Can you draw yourself as one of the children.  Add your friends or other children in your family.  Write your and their names around the picture.



Learning focus: Tricky Word Slam


Tricky words are those that cannot be read using Phonics. These are sometimes referred to as common exception words. There is a list of examples below. Choose a small number (4-6) of tricky words and practise reading these with your child. Lay them out in a row. Say a tricky word and your child should try to beat you to it by ‘Slamming’ the correct word with their hand. Introduce new tricky words one at a time.


These tricky word songs may be useful to start off with as the children know these really well:


Challenge: Include a red herring. Say a word that isn’t in the pile – if children recognise this, they shout out ‘Red herring!’ and win a point. If they miss it, you win the point.


Tricky Words

the, to, I, no, he, she, me, be, he, was, you, they, all, are, my, her


Expressive Arts and Dsign

Learning Objective:  Selects and uses materials to work on processes that interest them. Through their explorations finds out and make decisions about how media and materials can be combined and changed.


 Make some red, white and blue decorations to celebrate 75 years of VE day for tomorrow’s public holiday. 

Here is a video of how to make some bunting along with some other ideas but you may want to create some other kind of decorations, perhaps some flags?