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Daily reflection + music (Outdoors by Jason Mraz)

Good morning Pixies. If you can, get outside today and enjoy the beautiful weather! Either in your garden or for a walk in your local area - a bit of fresh air makes the world of difference :-) Have a good day.

Getting some fresh air outdoors can make a world of difference :-)



Choose a book and pick somewhere completely different to read it! This could be in the garden or someone else's bedroom. How did this make you feel? It's exciting isn't it?!



Would you like to meet the author of the book "Wild" that we have been reading?! If you follow the link, Emily Hughes will read the story to you! heart


Bird taught her how to speak.

Bear taught her how to eat.

Fox taught her how to play.


What do you think the deer, squirrel and rabbit taught her to do? Record your ideas as pictures with simple sentence like the examples above! You might wish to find the illustrations of deer, squirrel and rabbit to help you! We can't wait to hear your ideas!



Follow the link to play the Yes/No game with a yeti! It is good fun!

As an extra challnge, see if you can come up with your own silly question but swapping some of the ideas around! The sillier, the better! laugh



This week we have been thinking about height and length. 


Here are some challenges for you:


Pick 5 soft toys. Can you put them in order from the shortest to the tallest. Take a photograph of them in order or draw a picture. If you have a height chart, ruler or tape measure you could try and measure them in centimetres with help from a grown up.



Grab a felt tip pen. Can you find 5 things around the house that are longer than your felt tip pen and 5 items that are shorter than your felt tip pen?


Think about the grown ups in school. From memory, who do you estimate is the tallest?! Maybe we can find out once we are all back in school together!






Watch this short clip to remind yourself about the kinds of plants we have in the world around us.


This week we are going to think about the different parts of a plant. Can you already name any of them? Watch the next video to see if you were right! have a go at the quiz afterwards to see how well you were listening :-)


Now have a go at creating your own plant including labels for the different parts. Be as imaginative as you wish - you could use playdoh to make your plant, you might like to paint it, draw it on the computer, use things found in nature...anything you fancy! Below are two examples!




Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday so we hope you have an extra special weekend. On tomorrow's page you will be able to find some suggestions of things you could do linked to VE day. 


Love from


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell & Mrs Welsh xxx