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Thursday 30th

Good Morning

Hi Elves, hope you are doing well still and enjoying learning with your families.

Be Grateful! Be Respectful! Be Loving!



What have you been doing around your homes to help your parents? Decide on a job that you can do today that will help.



Guided Reading and SPAG – Yesterday I put up the end of chapter 2 for you to read. You also started to think about adding suffixes to the end of words. I would like you to combine these two things today. How many suffixes can you find? What words did you find?

Writing – We have spent the week looking at crossing the road, just as Max was trying to do. We have mind mapped, role played and language harvested this topic and we are going to use all this to write a set of instructions tomorrow. Today we need to think about the order of our instructions as well as what goes into them. I would like you to create a picture map of the steps you need to follow in order to cross the road. Draw little pictures in order that show the different instructions you need.



Arithmetic – We are going to cycle back to addition today. We are going to look at adding more than 2 numbers together. But be careful, the missing number isn’t the answer to the addition. The challenge cards are below.

Investigation – We have explored pictograms all week. Today we are going to change the topic a little bit and look at block diagrams. Like pictograms, an object represents the number, which is a block. There is a scale up the side that shows how many the blocks are worth. Have ago at task cards below.


RE – When do you think the last chance we have to talk to God is each day? If you said bedtime, you were right. Many people take the time before bed to pray to God. They often talk about what went well during the day as well as what they didn’t do so well and say sorry for these things. Tonight at bedtime, I would like you to take some time to pray, talk to God about what went well today as well as those things you could do better tomorrow.


Art – Last week you created your own hedgehog reading friends. I would like you to create a hedgehog painting this week. You can use any kind of paint you have to use but there is a twist to this simple challenge! You CANNOT use a paintbrush for your painting. Have fun!