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Thursday: Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

The opposite sides of the dice always add up to seven.

Tomorrow is an Early May Bank Holiday which has been moved to Friday 8th May to coincide with the Victory in Europe Day or VE Day. This marks the 75th anniversary of the formal end of World War II. I felt it would be a wonderful opportunity for today’s learning to be based on commemorating this special day through your activities. You can always complete these over the long weekend. Please do not feel like you need to do them all, just pick some that you will enjoy.

If you follow this link it will take you to the British Legion website where they have also provided ways for you to celebrate at home and plenty of Home Learning activities too for VE Day celebrations. Take a look:


Today’s lesson is Lesson 4: Mixed Addition and Subtraction. Check out the video and the worksheet activity too.

Remember BBC Bitesize also has some great Maths activities and I believe this week they match the ones set by the White Rose website too. Follow:



I have attached a text and some comprehension questions all about ‘VE day’. Read the text carefully and then have a go at answering the ten questions. The answers are there too so after working through you can check how many you have got correct. 



On 8th May 1945, Britain celebrated the end of World War Two. To understand why VE Day was so important you may need to look a little more into the history of WW2. Please visit these sites to help you in your research:



Mrs Harrison has a challenge for you to make some yummy shortbread following her nice and simple recipe. Maybe you can make a batch to eat over the Bank Holiday weekend. I’ve attached Mrs Harrison’s wonderful instructions below.

Please send any photos you take of you baking to: I can pass these onto Mrs Harrison to see too and we both love seeing what you are up to.



Listen to the VE day song from Horrible Histories:

See if you can learn it to perform to your family or even make an inspirational VE day song or rap of your own.



Please follow this link for making some: Great British Bunting! On the page you will find a template for bunting if you need one and also step-by-step instructions too.



Who was Winston Churchill?


Can you find out about Winston Churchill? What was his job? Why was he so important during WW2? What was one of his famous phrases? Can you describe his characteristics? Write a list of facts all about Winston Churchill. It is up to you how you present it for example you could do an acrostic poem, a fact file, a biography, a booklet, a poster or a simple mind map.


enlightenedChallenge: Watch this video clip carefully of Winston’s Victory Speech. Can you learn it and record yourself presenting it?  You could do it similar to a ‘Horrible Histories’ type video.


I really hope you enjoy today’s learning activities. Stay safe and enjoy the long weekend – fingers crossed for sunshine. Take care and big virtual hugs to you all. Love, Miss Moore. xxheartlaugh





VE Day - How will you celebrate?