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Thursday 2nd

-Good Morning

Hi my brilliant Elves, you are all doing so well in this odd time, you are making me so proud! Sorry I haven’t been able to respond to all your emails, there are just so many coming in, I will get all your learning up on the website and say to Hi everyone that emails soon.

Friday will be the last day I post daily work before the Easter break. I will set a couple of large extended investigations and challenges for you to do if you would like to. Daily challenges and learning will return after the Easter break.



Reflection: say a prayer together as a house. It can be a prayer you make up on the spot or a familiar one such as The Lord’s Prayer.



Guided Reading – Have a read through a book of your choice. Create 5 questions to quiz someone with.

Writing – We are almost ready to write our stories now, we are going to do that tomorrow. Today we need to think about the events of our story. By now, if you have followed the week you will have characters, a setting and plot ideas. We are going to story map out the story you want to write today. Think about the pictures and words that will show your story being told.

Phonics and SPAG – Linked to our writing tomorrow I would like you to create a word bank of language you want to use when writing. Think about verbs (doing words), adjectives (describing words), adverbs (describes a verb) and nouns (names) you may want to use. It maybe helpful to do this task at the same time as your story map above.



Arithmetic – There is a set of sheets working out fractions of amounts down below, give them try. It is learning we did a few weeks ago, just remember the bottom number (denominator) tells you how many groups you need to share between.

Challenge – Before we had to split up for a while, we started to discuss predictions and estimates. We discussed that an estimate was a sensible guess about something; in this case, we will be estimating how much something weighs. I would like you find another 10 objects, estimate their weight in either grams (g) or kilograms (Kg) and then measure to see how much they actually weigh.


Art - Hoping that the weather stays nice sunny I would love you to try and create some shadow drawings. Take out some figures out into the garden or sunshine with some paper, and then draw the shadows it has created. I have put an example picture below. Try to make a scene if you can.

RE – The Eucharist is the celebration and remembrance of what Jesus did in his last meal on Earth with his friends. The words that Jesus used and taught us as still used today. Watch the video here What words really stood out to you? What did you think about as you were watching the video? I would like you to create a word cloud of all your thoughts. You can make a word cloud here: