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Saying sorry

When you are having a tough day, sometimes you do and say things that you don’t mean. While you are listening to the music today think about something that you might need to apologise for. When refection is over go and tell the person you are sorry or write them a note apologising.




 Remember you do not have to copy out all of the questions, especially if they use complicated diagrams. Your answers and any workings out are enough.


Complete Week 2, Lesson 4 Percentages as fractions and decimals. REMEMBER, DO NOT DO SUMMER TERM WEEK 2

It has a video, worksheet and then a sheet with the answers on.

The sheet can also be found in the resources at the bottom of this page.



Remember to read for 20-30 mins a day. Write down any words you can not read or any that you do not understand from your book.


Session 9: Reading and Rereading, Debate and Discussion. 

  • Re-read or listen to Toys Aren’t Us from the line “I have something that might cheer you up” (pg 39 of pdf or 8 mins 30 secs of part 1).
  • Make notes on the different gadgets Alex is given.
  • Complete the gadget grid (resources below or draw your own), create a further two gadgets that could help Alex with his mission.
  • Hold a brief discussion about MI6’s decision not to give Alex a gun. What do you think of this decision, and why do you think they decided this would be the case? What reasons would they give for Alex not being allowed to take a gun with him, even though they are sending him into a dangerous situation?


Audio book links for Chapter 6, 'Toys Aren’t Us' here:

Chapter 6, Part 1

Chapter 6, Part 2




This week take your pick!

Go here for an idea or conduct your own experiemnt.


Stormbreaker PDF