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Thursday: Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

A Tiger’s skin is striped like it’s fur.


Arithmetic: An arithmetic test for you all today. It’s attached below – it is arithmetic test 10.


Problem Solving continued – today you need to look at Lesson 4: Problem Solving.


I hope you have spent the last few days working on your Charles Darwin Biography. Remember you can email these to me if you would like me to see how you have got on. Send your writing to:



After your work on the Galapagos Islands yesterday – have a text for you to read all about the continent of South America.  I have attached the sheet for you to read below. You can make notes but only if you wish.

Remember - The Galapagos Islands are about 1,000km from the mainland of Lima, Peru in South America. 



Take a break to move your body – here is a Joe Wicks 5 minute Body work out.

You can have a go at this challenge too - You can do this either inside or outside. Have a go at this work out to get your started.

Unicorns work out challenge:

30 seconds marching on the spot.

30 seconds of high knees.

15 x sit ups

10 x push ups

30 star jumps

10 x burpees And then repeat! J



Can you create your own demonstration of: How a fossil is made? You could create a video, use items from home to make a model or draw a detailed diagram. You may wish to write down the steps of the formation of a fossil.

Use the PowerPoint attached at the bottom of the page to remind you all about fossils. You may want to look back to at the work we covered in science on Monday.


If you have the resources at home you can have a go at creating your own fossil. Check out the link here or just google. ‘How to make a fossil at home.’ Enjoy! J



Have a go at the South America map activity that I have attached for you below.



Take care and keep safe. Love, Miss Moore.  xheart