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Thursday 23rd

Good Morning

Hi all, I am missing you all, is lovely to see your work coming in. I will email you all soon to catch up and say hi again, see how you are coping and have a good catch up.


Be Calm! Be Still! Be Positive!



Go and tell your Mum 3 things you love about her! Celebrate your Mum!



Guided Reading – Below above is the last page of chapter 1 from The Hodgeheg. Read the page. What does it make you think about? If you had to draw one picture to show what is happening what would it be? You can create your picture anyway you want.

Writing – On Tuesday, we researched and found out facts on Hedgehogs and yesterday we looked at the features we will find in a fact file. I hope that you found things such as subheadings, paragraphs, pictures, labels and heading. Tomorrow we are going to try to write our fact files. We need subheadings for this. These are little titles that we put in our writing to tell the reader what we are writing about in a section of writing. Your task is to create a list of subheadings you may use. I will give you two starter ideas, habitat and diet.

SPAG – We have explored conjunctions this week. Have a look back at the last page of the chapter 1 again. How many conjunctions can you find in it?



Arithmetic – Active learning time. Find a small ball or something that can be passed from person to person. Every time you pass it you have to count either up or down in one of your times tables. See how long you can go without dropping the ball.

Investigation – To finish up our week on tally charts there are some problem solving and reasoning questions for you to have a go at below.


RE – When trying to being good friends and good people in the eyes of God, it doesn’t always go to plan. All people make the wrong choices sometimes. Read the story here about Chloe and Phoebe.

Chloe and Phoebe were sisters, Chloe was seven and Phoebe was three.  Usually they were great friends, but one day Chloe was in a bad temper because Mum had told her off for not letting Phoebe play with her toys.  ‘Right’ thought Chloe, I’ll get my own back.’  So she got a felt tip and wrote Phoebe’s name on the back door.  ‘Aha,’ she thought, ‘now Phoebe will get into trouble’.  When Mum saw it she was not very pleased and was about to call Phoebe, when she suddenly realised of course Phoebe was too young to write her name.  She knew who had done this.  She still loved Chloe but was very disappointed that she had done something naughty.

Reflect on the weeks we have been at home with our families. Can you create two lists, good choices you have made at home and choices that could be improved.


Art – Our class text is The Hodgeheg, which is about a hedgehog. I would like you to make a reading buddy for yourselves, a hedgehog. You can create your hedgehog out of anything at all. There are some ideas in pictures below.