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Daily reflection and Music (Count On Me by Bruno Mars)

Good morning Pixies and Happy Thursday. Join in with this lovely song that we often sing at school :-) Take a moment to reflect upon other ways in which you can reach out to family and friends that you are not able to see at the moment.


Choose a familiar story to read with an adult. Ask your grown up to ask you five questions about the story you have read together to check your understanding. 



Here are some alternative words that mean the same as the words on the word mat that you used yesterday:

large - enormous

dark - gloomy

tiny - miniature 

delicate - fragile 

Can you practise using them in some new sentences? These sentences can be linked to the story or non-related. Have a go at writing three sentences down. 



Let's think about 'er' 'or' and 'ar' again today using a bingo game! Cut up 10 slips of paper or card and write these words on them: sort, fork, shorts,  jumper, pepper, player, park, sharks, barking + harp. Create bingo boards by choosing six words to go on each players board. Some words can be the same but not all of them! Turn or fold over the slips of paper/card, picking one at a time to read. If you have that word on your board put a tick next to it. Shout bingo when you have got all the words! This is a nice game to play with brothers and sisters too :-)

Keep your ten words if you can as we will use them tomorrow!




Use this tool to explore arrays more. Type in 1 x 2 = and it will create the array for you. Now type in 2 x 2 = and see what happens. Continue through the two times table. Don't be tempted to press the divide button - we aren't ready for this yet! Repeat for the five and ten times table. You don't need to record anything for this activity - this is just about getting used to how we use arrays in our Mathematics :-)




Follow the link. Click on the picture which will tell you more about keeping safe when using the Internet. Create your own poster with the title: HOW TO KEEP SAFE ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB using the information. If you need to, also re-watch the clip from last Thursday about what the Internet is. Make sure your posters are colourful and eye-catching! We can't wait to see them!










Love from Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell & Mrs Welsh xxx